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TU Delft is the leading university in the Netherlands working on making an impact for a better society through science and technology. Established in 1842, TU Delft boasts of 28,000 students and is ranked 10th in the world in the QS rankings for Engineering and Technology. Science, technology and design: these are the cornerstones of the research conducted at the university. At TU Delft, we strive to balance our pursuit of world-class academic excellence on the one hand and providing high-quality education and expert solutions to societal problems on the other hand.

Within TU Delft, our delegation represents the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE), Faculty of Electrical Engineering (EEMCS), Delft Space Institute, Delft Robotics Institute, Delft Sensor AI lab and the Lunar Zebro project. We have a strong foothold in research in several domains such as AI and machine learning algorithms, distributed autonomous sensor systems, radiation environment and effects analysis, system engineering of small satellites, and navigation and communication of space systems. TU Delft offers its peers in the space sector an opportunity for research collaborations across various space-related projects, spanning a wide range of technology readiness levels, while making significant strides in the technology domain. One such project is the Lunar Zebro, which aspires to be the first Dutch and European rover on the Moon, where we are looking for collaborations on payload design, launch partners, and possible commercialization of its swarm platform.

TU Delft is a worldwide recognized ecosystem of technology knowhow and innovation capabilities exploited by passionate students and researchers who strongly believe in collaborative science.

Contact: Mr. Chris Verhoeven / Prachi Sachdeva

Emails: C.J.M.Verhoeven@tudelft.nl


www.tudelft.nl www.zebro.space


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