West End BV

West End is family owned and run since 1947. Our products for Space and Astronomy are Mechanical Ground Support Equipment, transport containers (incl. vacuum or pressure housings) and (flight hardware) parts. Well-known projects regarding containers and MGSE are Tropomi, Galileo, Bepicolombo and Sentinel 5.

Examples of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) are lifting equipment, flight hardware interface adaptors, tip and tilt trolleys, special test adaptors and (internal) transport equipment.

West End builds specialised transport containers for space flight hardware or astronomy optical hardware. Next to MGSE and Containers, West End is involved in Ground Based Astronomy with a long history in tooling, housings and fine-mechanical calibration equipment. Last but not least, West End also manufactures flight hardware for the VEGA rockets.


Ir. Ben van Berge Henegouwen
Director / Owner
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