Earth Observation

Our society has a growing need for rapidly available information, for example to monitor weather and climate, to provide food security, safe mobility and security to citizens around the globe. It is from space that we monitor our Earth’s health and provide people with applications that make life better, easier and safer.

The Netherlands has an outstanding reputation in the area of space technology. It is an internationally recognised specialist in developing sensors and instruments for Earth observation and it is home to a large number of small innovative companies that develop high-quality satellite applications.

The Dutch set a new standard for atmospheric research with the launch of Tropomi, the TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument. With a resolution of 7 by 7 kilometres the instrument provides unprecedented data for scientific research and worldwide air quality monitoring at city level on a daily basis. A growing number of governments and companies use data provided by instruments like Tropomi. The Netherlands continues to develop sensors, instruments and applications to keep an eye on Earth from space.