CGI has decades of experience in developing complex, critical systems for space missions. It is known as thought leader in the development of secure space applications and the ground segment of military satellite communications.

CGI developed software for over 200 satellite missions, including the Galileo-satellite constellation that controls all 30 navigation satellites. It supports civilian space agencies such as the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as aerospace and satcom companies. Together with its partners, CGI resolves technically difficult software challenges with secure solutions, delivered on time and proven to work every time.

CGI Netherlands has been involved in Galileo, in designing and developing the safety systems, performing end-to-end security testing, and creating user applications (such as S‑TrackS). Additionally they are continuously innovating with new services in Earth Observation, such as mapping migration streams using satellites. This way CGI helps to create a safer society using a ‘down to earth’-approach.

Contact: Mr. Bas van der Hoeven


Earth Observation