TU Eindhoven

With advanced quality research, the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) contributes to the progress of technical sciences and thus the development of technological innovations. The TU/e wants to give significant impetus to knowledge-intensive industries and sectors with a high or rapidly evolving technology-intensity. Sectors like the space industry.

The TU/e participates in several innovative space projects, from developing laser-based communications between satellites to flying OLFAR, a swarm of hundreds of small satellites working together in lunar orbit to form one giant radio telescope for astronomical research.

The TU/e puts emphasis on knowledge valorisation: to translate research results into successful innovations and serve as a basis for creating new products, processes and enterprises. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, the TU/e is a logical academic partner for space projects in The Netherlands and abroad.

Contact: Mr. Mark Bentum

Email: Bentum@astron.nl


Earth Observation