SpaceNed is the industry organization of the Dutch Space Sector; representing almost 60 affiliated organizations; ranging from companies, knowledge institutes & universities.

SpaceNed supports and facilitates the Dutch Space Sector by creating, facilitating and supporting a long term and durable vision on how all members of this industry can work together to advance both their common and individual interests. SpaceNed understands the interests and concerns of its members as well as other stakeholders in the sector. From this position SpaceNed is uniquely equipped to build a bridge of common interests to find synergy on many topics that will help the Dutch Space Sector to develop a stronger presence in the global landscape.

SpaceNed supports and facilitates its members by offering a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, lobbying and creating business opportunities and propels the competitive position of the Dutch Space Sector within the international space landscape.


  • Export markets: SpaceNed supports the entry and development of export markets and informs its members about international opportunities.
  • Innovation: SpaceNed organizes innovation-oriented events and activities and ensures sufficient financial resources to promote innovation within the space sector.
  • Knowledge sharing: SpaceNed provides a platform to meet and share information on topics such as aerospace business, quality assurance, legal and contractual regulations and more.
  • Lobbying: SpaceNed connects the major players in the Dutch space sector allowing them to have a stronger voice towards governments and international institutions and companies.

There are on average two General Members’ Meetings (GMM) per year, and at least two theme sessions on current topics. For special developments in the industry, SpaceNed organizes additional meetings.


SpaceNed is represented by a board of 9 dedicated experts from organizations from their member base, who understands both the evolution of the space industry and its key players, as well as the needs, challenges and opportunities felt by its members.


The Dutch space sector (upstream and downstream) is estimated to account for

  • approximately 10,500 FTE
  • € 1.9 billion production value
  • € 1 billion added value.




Hessel Kokke

Coördinator SpaceNed
+31 6 18 70 38 38

Jeroen Rotteveel

Chairman SpaceNed



Jonckerweg 17 / Kantoor XO-49
2201 DZ Noordwijk




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