NSO (Netherlands Space Office)

The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) is the governmental Space Agency of the Netherlands. NSO’s task is to advise upon and realize the national space policy.

The space policy of the Netherlands focuses on the added value of space on science, economy and society, and in particular the development of ground-breaking space technologies, and services based on satellite data.

NSO supports and stimulates space companies and institutions in the Netherlands to start new collaborations with international partners. The agency is the main point of contact for national and international space affairs and reports directly to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

Space in the Netherlands
The Netherlands is a high-tech country. It is also a melting pot of European space technology, thanks to the establishment of ESTEC, the technical heart of the European Space Agency. Many European space missions would not exist without Dutch launcher technology, they are also powered by Dutch solar panels. Sensors and optical systems from the Netherlands are world renowned. Meanwhile, Dutch engineers are working on a new generation of small cooperative smart satellites. With their sound business acumen and the need to always push the boundaries of science and technology, space companies and institutes from the Netherlands offer solutions wherever they are needed in the world. As the governmental space agency NSO is there to support them in their establishment of international partnerships.


Daniël van Beekhuizen

Senior Advisor International Relations
+31 (0) 88 602 4500

dr.ir. J.P. (Jasper) van Loon
Director of Space Business
Delegate Program Board Earth Observation (ESA)
+31 (0) 6 50 23 15 87


Pr. Beatrixlaan 2, 2595 AL Den Haag, The Netherlands






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